Referral Program

Introducing Dussault & Zatir Referral Plan

Our referral plan is a comprehensive solution designed to level the playing field. It can ensure your clients of the best possible representation. It also allows the referring lawyer to maintain ongoing involvement to whatever degree he or she desires.

More specifically, Dussault & Zatir Referral Plan provides:

  • Attorneys with in-depth experience appropriate to the individual type of specific case.
  • Continuous reports to the referring lawyer regarding the status of their case.
  • Timely updates on changes in the law that could impact a referring attorney case
  • Access to a larger pool of medical, economic, vocational, investigative, and other types of expert witnesses.
  • Extremely competitive attorney referral fees.

Lawyer/Client referral protection. Any future referrals from the client with notice to our office will be considered as referrals from the referring attorney and as such eligible for further compensation.

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